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Not wasting anymore money or time on this P.O.S. team

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1 minute ago, DrunkOffFalcohol said:

Neal is a bust until proven otherwise. What exactly has he done? 

So is everyone a bust now **** I wish I could have all these busts that play in the NFL. 

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11 minutes ago, Jpowers said:

Hey look....it's the guy who has already labeled Keanu Neal as a bust making a dumb thread. I am so shocked!!!:o


Also...... cat down the mountain melted theater butter.

Wasn't sure he deserved the  cat down the mountain melted theater butter.

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16 minutes ago, DrunkOffFalcohol said:

From the coaches to the players they are pitiful. I'd be an idiot to continue to support them.


Ps. Im a Falcons fan.

Not a shanny, ryan fan.

I've stopped wasting my money on the Falcons years ago...

My wife surprised me with tickets to Denver for the Falcons game.  I wish she would have talked with me about it before she did it because I think we're going to have to eat those plane tickets.  Tickets to the team that just won a Superbowl are EXPENSIVE.

Spending several thousand dollars to watch the Falcons get stomped doesn't make sense to me.

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