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Alright, I want to start off by saying I will happily eat crow if I'm wrong here and I truly do hope I am wrong and the team proves me (and many others) different. 


First of all Ryan has regressed. Plain and simple. Whether you want to chalk it up to Scamahan's system/age/what-have-you, one thing is clear - MR2 is clearly uncomfortable and is making very, very poor decisions... in the redzone nonetheless. Something has to change, and I just don't see Ryan getting "better" any time soon... there's simply no more excuses in Ryan's book. You have arguable one of, if not the best, WRs in the league in Julio Jones, we brought in a Pro Bowl C in Alex Mack and above-average Tackles. Our OL is no longer as big an issue as years past. Face it - Ryan is regressing. He can't even hit a receiver in stride down the field for ***** sake, his arm strength is weaker than ever, mechanics are way off - is it me or is his delivery terrible? It's like the ball is consistently off and/or just hits the ground too far from the intended receiver's catch radius. But go ahead keep making excuses for Ryan because he's the "Golden Boy" who is untouchable. (1 playoff win we barely squeaked out in 9 years)... again I hope I am wrong on Ryan... but Watson or even someone like Dak Prescott (who we passed on for Austin Hooper mind you) would do wonders for our team. 

Defense looks medicore at best. In b4 "it's preseason" crap. Still no pass rush. Beasley getting straight man handled - and this is coming from a guy who was ecstatic we landed Beasley in the draft... I'm willing to give him more time but it isn't looking good. His spin move is painful to watch. When I listen to Beasley in interviews he is extremely soft spoken and meek and I am afraid this translates to the field for him - he does not seem to posses that "dog" in him. I feel Beasley plays soft and meek and gets abused by opposing OL. 

I sure hope these minor injuries are no indicator for Keanu Neal... we need an enforcer in our secondary badly and so far all it has been is a bunch of talk. We cannot afford a Willy Mo 2.0 always hurt.

Our schedule is tied for toughest in the league and last night was any indication for how we will perform this season - well buckle up folks, it'll be a longggggg ride. All I gotta say is - Mr Blank if you expect true Falcon fans to want to attend games and buy these outrageously priced seats / /season tix then you better put a product on the field of better quality. This is down right embarrassing. I feel as if we are one of the laughing-stock teams of the NFL ever since we were labelled "soft" and then we got on Hard Knocks and it all went public about how "oh we aren't soft we're gonna punch em in the mouth" blah blah blah... all a bunch of talk no action. Teams disrespect us - idk if y'all notice or not but often times when our opponents score or make plays opposing team members celebrate by doing the dirty bird or the "flying falcon" that we do when coming out of our tunnel in the Dome.. that is disrespect plain and simple. And our players loaf around, tails tucked.. and take it.... We. Are. Soft.  And the whole league knows it. 


Next year it'll be ten years - TEN YEARS since Tommy Dummytroff the Gel Boy has been our GM. If we have a terrible season yet again - It'll be time for a dam change the guy simply cannot evaluate talent if it was staring him in the face. Our whole '12 draft class is no longer even in the NFL. Let that sink in while all you blind homers keep trusting the "process" and thinking it'll all be "okay". I don't know about you- but mediocre doesn't cut it for me. 


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