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déjà vu all over again ... a concerned homer


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We were out of sync since the first play of the game (quarterback keeper).

That set the tone.

Positives are that the roster talent is better and deeper.

For the first two games there was reason for cautious optimism but this game seemed like a return to the expected.

Costly turnovers. Ryan struggling. No pass rush. Poor tackling. Out-coached. Out-hustled (except Worrilow). High draft picks underachieving.

And the idea of a costly injury to Neal who seemed like he was just getting warmed up ... 

I know it is just pre-season but last year's PS3 against Miami in some ways foretold our downfall last year.

The talent is better although this game reminds me of the waterboarding we endured last season.


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I would love it if we played like last year. we started out hot then things went South mostly because of shooting ourselves in the foot. we're still going to make mistakes and have turnovers but considering 5 of our 8 losses were by scores of 23-20; 17-16; 24-21; 23-19; 20-17. I think we're a better team than last year and some of the mistakes we made will be cleaned up.

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The disturbing thing is the team played with zero passion (some players did) and this is supposed to be a dress rehearsal for the regular season. Also, after spendng so much time talking about and working to improve PASS RUSH and RED ZONE TURNOVERS.........we have zero pass rush (with Beasley getting dominated) and red zone turnovers all over again. That's what's most upsetting for high hopes for this season.

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2 minutes ago, MagnusXXIII said:

I didn't mention the botched snaps because Mack will be center and Persons actually has played well at guard. 

We need a pass rush and an effective/creative offensive scheme.

we haven't really seen the defense at full capacity but I agree about the offense

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I know I got a lotta sh!t for saying this last week bc apparently preseason a means nothing. 

There is NO pass rush when we rush 4. It's just like always. Blame Smitty, blame Quinn, we simply don't have the talent. We get a decent push when we bring more than 4 but then we're being torched. (By Terrelle Pryor.)

The pocket is NOT holding for Ryan and he's uncomfortable moving around. While I've never thought Ryan has ever been elite, I've always also known he's not this bad.

I know we won last week, but I watched our guys; only bright spots were Freeman and Julio.

Like I said last week and I'll say it again:

This team is in trouble.


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7 hours ago, R_The_Great said:

Got to love Person botching 2 snaps in a preseason game.  He should be cut.  Tired of his BS.  Garland is a great find and Schweitzer should fill the role

I didn't think that was Person.  If it is, the experiment with him at C should be over.

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