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Positives from tonight name yours

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Mckissic great returns and some solid hands tonight

Hags/Jarett with some solid plays in the backfield.

Neal until injury 

Tip drill

brian poole

nordly capi

Hooper getting involved minus fumble 

Nick Williams with some good catch and runs



Sick of the doomsday threads. Not saying we played well but there were some moments 

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Hooper looks much better tonight than he did last week, big jump. I'm glad he learned about the NFL vs college rules on fumbles tonight, but he started making catches and looked very much like he belonged out there tonight, not so much last week.

we need Hooper this year, especially in red zone where Tamme is useless

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11 minutes ago, SirrDooley said:

Brooks reed. Int by Tru. The tackling. Neal. On offense mr2 throwing the ball to others when Julio out and us still moving the ball. 

Brooks Reed is looking really good this year so far. He's getting to the QB and diagnosing plays well. 

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I think we definitely accomplished some things. 1st team offense looked better passing than running and we weren't perfect in our passing game...we need to get a better balance of both. I liked what I saw from Julio, Williams, Robinson, and McKissic/Graham. On D, I enjoyed seeing Hageman, Jarrett, Tru, Neal. Honorable mention: Upshaw, Capi, Rookie LBs 

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