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What do any of you like about Tevin Coleman?

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38 minutes ago, Kang said:

Coleman has no confidence. Maybe because of the injury. He was just fine pre-injury. Should have drafted Gurley and had a dynamic duo with Freeman. Should be a running team.

Yeah, we would be monstrous with Gurley and Free. What a one-two punch that would be. 

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Ok. Coleman's problem is that he's not very shifty and has to have perfect blocking to get a chance to turn his jets on.  Freeman on the other hand is a jitterbug and although i think he was doing that a bit too much tonight, he's able to sift through the trash a little better and he might not hit the 80+ TD but he'll have plenty of 10+ runs.

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3 hours ago, DirtyBirdsDirtyWords said:

I get it, hes fast. And thats all he is. He is not a football player, no dog. He plays freaking slow and never hits a hole as quickly as Free + has fumbles. Im baffled as to why anyone thinks he's good

Didn't he get more yards than Freeman ? Not sure

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4 hours ago, Jahi Sun said:

He doesnt get the ball enough to analyze 

cuz he sucks when he does get it. on the 4th down as soon as I saw it was 26 I knew it would be a fail. I keep waiting for that big 80 yard run but he always goes down in traffic...easily. He doesnt have a great work ethic either. His whole catfish thing sums up his personality based on his online activity. 

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3 hours ago, osiruz said:

Tevin Coalman. Dude is no dimond.

I see what you did, there --- :D
But I agree --- I don't know what all the hype's about....dude doesn't look sure-footed, or fast, unless he clears the line of scrimmage. 
Wilds and Gray has been balling, and right now, I would take either one of those dudes over the Coalman... 


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