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Why I think Ralph Green III would fit perfectly at our 5...


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I would like to begin by emphasizing that I am by no means a scout. 

The main reason I think he is perfect fit for our  5 technique is because of his ability to convert speed to power. It looks like just a natural ability to do that in my opinion. It's more like his go to than a counter like most D-lineman. And at 6'5 323 lbs he is both stout enough and long enough to play the position just off of physical traits. I like him because on first down, I think we will still maintain a legitimate pass rush element at our 5 position with him on the field, plus with him and Shelby we could also build towards that hockey lines type rotation along our defensive front that Quin wants.  A lot of this tape is Vs Pat Elflein, widely regarded as the best guard coming out next year. #65 if you want to also keep track of him.

just going to cite just some of the plays...


0:00, keep in mind that this is a 320 lb plus pound guy running like this, moving like this. Because of the alignment it would have been extremely hard for Elflein to block Green effectively, but this 6'5 323 lb tackle was so quick Elflein didn't even really touch him

0:24 shades the center nicely to make the tackle for no gain

0:35 vs Elflein easily has the length and leverage to maintain his gap responsibility. 


I take the last 3 plays and combine them. That's why I think he could be great at 5 for us.



0: 43 effort is there also, unlike another long, stout tackle on our team (Hageman) the effort is present every single play regardless

1:20 here well in my opinion, he converted speed to power, but it wasn't as a counter, it was his go to, well at least that's what it looks like to me. A natural way of doing this. He could be a legitimate threat at 5 as a pass rusher.

1:56 reason why I would play him at 5 mostly rather than 3 or nose, too often he's pushed off the line when he needs to redirect. This is just one instance, but it happens often on this tape.

2:02 again another reason as far as him adding to the pass rush element at the 5 position on our team

5:08, 5:50, 6:20, 6:33 again I would not play him inside, rather play him at the 5.


It's early, but currently he's rated between 5 and 7. I think he's a solid 3rd round pick because of how well he would fit on our defense in my opinion. He fits with what we do.


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