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Freeman juked him out his Draws


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This really does showcase Freeman's awesome vision & quickness. If he had tried to juke to the outside, like many other backs would have a natural tendency to do, he'd have ended up right where #21 was going to be for the tackle. 

Absolutely nuts to be able to read & react that fast.

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1 hour ago, PK Manley said:

Levitre and Dimarco also did an excellent job blocking on the play...


What's great about it is that it's a no frills kinda play.  None of that stretch zone run crap.  Just straight bust you in the mouth and pound it down your throat football.

More of that please.

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52 minutes ago, GeorgiaFalconFan said:

I will probably get flamed or trolled for saying this.  But Freeman reminds me of a slightly bigger Warrick Dunn in his prime but with a little more power even though he's not really a power running back. Just my opinion. 

He's actually quite a bit stouter than Warrick Dunn. Dunn played about 180-185lbs and was an inch taller whereas Freeman is nearly 210lbs and a tad shorter. I dont remember Dunn ever having double digit TDs either. I think both Frank Gore and Ray Rice are better comparisons to Freeman. Justin Forsetts build and game are much more like Dunns was. Not trying to flame just sayin.

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