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The Mandella Effect


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Some of these things are just mis-rememberings but some of them make no sense to me because i know for a fact they were different.

Star Wars:

Luke i am your father

Now is

No i am your father?


Silence of the Lambs:

"Hello Clarice"

Is now

"Morning" or "Good evening"



Is now 

Chick- fil-a


Mr. Rogers:

Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood 

Is now

Its a wonderful day in this neighborhood 


Forrest Gump:

Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates

Is now

Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. 



Hannibal Lecture is one of my favorite villians. Ive seen every movie. Replacing "Hello Clarice" with "Morning" is like someone telling you  rocky said "ohh yeahhhh i won" instead of "Yo Adrian i did it!"





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3 hours ago, vanilla2 said:

It's always been NO I am your father. 

This stuff is like the things you'd talk about with your friend who does nothing but smoke pot all day. 

I remember hanging out with my older cousin and her hippie friend and he spent at least an hour how his new phone now had a q and a z. 

Lay off the pot hippies


I remember watching this movie several times and I remember very well, "Luke I am Your Father" and so does James Earl Jones




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