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A few openings left but only for the best.

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I've been running a fantasy football league on ESPN for the last 10 years now.  For the first time in a long while I am opening it back up to the public in order to bring in some new players but this league isn't for the casual fantasy footballer.  Some of the things that will make this league different then those that you have been a part of in the past is that this league will hopefully be back up to 20 teams again this year.  In addition we run a traditional offensive set meaning 1QB,  2 rb's, 1 TE & 2 Wr's.  We also play IDP so we have a traditional 3-4 defense in addition to the kicker, Punter and a HC so on a gameday you have 20 guys going each week with 7 bench spots and 4 IR slots.  You also will receive points for kick returns and punt returns so every facet of the game is in play so it's not just a, "draft an offense and PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL a defense type league."  In the past it's been a keeper league but with an influx of new players this year we will be re-drafting and the draft will be on the 30th of this month at 8pm. 

Any questions that you have can be emailed to me at coryb78@yahoo.com and I will most likely check this post as well but it's much quicker if you just email me.  I am very cooperative and happy to answer any questions or help in any way that I can as a commissioner.  My one request that I am not willing to give in on though is that you have to play each week.  Competitive integrity is extremely important to me and I prefer that if you are going to join this league that you have a few years of experience under your belt but that is negotiable. 

This league will fit the football purists the best.  Those who enjoy the strategy of fantasy football will most likely enjoy this league the best.  If you just like to put in a few minutes on Sundays before the game starts then this isn't for you. 

It's a money league and the entry fee is $20 so you will need to be able to get that to me before the draft preferably.  Again if you want to contact me via email @ Coryb78@yahoo.com to discuss things then feel free to do so.  Good luck this season to you all in this league or the next.

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