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Deshaun Watson wants to be a Falcon.

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Hayes: If you had your choice, where would you play in the NFL?

Watson: If I'm fortunate enough to play in the NFL, anywhere for anybody would be great. But if I had to pick, it would be the hometown [Atlanta] Falcons because I used to work for them. I was one of the kids who sold Cokes in the stadium. It was a lot of fun being around that environment, watching games and visualizing being there when I got older.

But I guess it will be a new stadium next year, so no more dreams of playing in the Georgia Dome for the Falcons. I don't think there would be any pressure playing for my hometown team. It would be fun. I'd just do the same thing I did before and build on it.

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9 minutes ago, CrimsonFalcon said:

The way it works out, he plays his rookie contract for someone (chargers, browns, Jets) then when his contract expires, Matt should be towards the end of his career...boom.

yeah, ummmm.....NO!

If Deshaun Watson gets in NFL and is drafted high by another team - and he is any good at all - then that team will never let him go unless he pulls an RG3 and sucks donk ballz at end of rook contract.

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10 minutes ago, The Falcon Jedi Knight said:

Um yea... i dont get the print version of SI anymore. My grandpa used to have a subscription before he died at 96 years old.

He was a heisman finalist and shredded Bama in the national championship after going 14-0 before then. He's the biggest name in college sports. There is no way you watch college football and have never heard of him. He's also a safe bet to go number one overall in the draft next year so getting him would only be possible if we were the worst team in the league 

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