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Falcons claim OG Jordan Walsh, waive OG Shahbaz Ahmed


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Interesting move to be sure

I saw that he was released

I wanted us to sign Walsh after the draft, and was excited when it looked like we got him, but we brought him in as a tryout instead, and didn't sign him after the tryout.

Even weirder, Ahmed was also a tryout player, but was signed to a contract after rookie mini camp.

It almost feels like we're admitting a mistake here... :ninja:

Whatever the situation is, I liked Walsh quite a bit during the draft prospect as a good zone OL. I doubt that he'll play Thursday, signed this close to the game, but if he does, I'll certainly be watching him closely. 

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Interesting developmental player


So You've Signed Jordan Walsh: A New Owner's Guide

Congratulations! You've just made the wonderful decision to sign Jordan Walsh! Like most new Walsh owners, you're no doubt filled with questions about your new family member. We here at BHGP will try our best to answer any questions you might have.


He's a former four-star prospect that started 37 games at guard for one of the most respected offensive line coaches in the country. Walsh played his best football his senior season was a big reason Iowa's rushing attack posted the third best numbers in Ferentz's 17 years.


Walsh has been a better run blocker than pass protector. His early career had a few of those young moments that fans really notice (ole!). He was one of the most improved players in 2015 and Big Ten coaches noticed naming him 1st Team All-Big Ten.



Iowa Pro Day: Jordan Walsh 6022, 311 lbs, 5.15 forty, 4.68 shuttle, 27" vertical, 8'6" broad jump, 22 reps benchhttps://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/iowa-pro-day.114309/page-2#post-2505786 








Walsh excels in the run game but his 6'2" height may scare a lot of NFL teams. He may be a fit with a zone running scheme and that's it. If he were two inches taller he likely would have been a pick in the top four rounds of the NFL Draft. He's athletic but not overly quick. He also lacks some lower half explosion in his Pro Day numbers.


Walsh, as a free agent signing, can provide your team depth along the interior offensive line and for little cost. He's been groomed by one of the best and while there's a lot to still learn, he'll be ahead of those other rookie options in experience thanks to Kirk Ferentz. Walsh has potential to turn into a long time starter in the league but realistically he's a solid second-team guy. Hey, every team needs those, too.

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3 minutes ago, Godzilla1985 said:

"Jeez he's like a Gremlin. He comes with instructions & ****."

Yea, right?  I was amused by the title of the article..  

Seriously though, I love the constant roster churn.   Keep rolling guys in and out till you find the best options.  Sure as **** beats the static, never changing rosters under Smith.   You pretty much knew exactly who was going to be on the 53 man roster... but with Quinn, the bottom is always in flux, looking for diamonds in the rough.


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Being an Iowa fan I watched every game Walsh played. He is a solid player. 

The thing I don't understand at all is why Iowa DE Drew Ott is not on an NFL team. I have talked about him before. He is country strong and a really good pass rusher. Before he got hurt he was killing people. Look him up if you've never heard of him. I would love to bring him in. And trust me, I'm not just an Iowa homer. If they aren't any good it doesn't bother me to say it. 

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