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vic beasly interview


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52 minutes ago, thedead said:

Don't really know what's worse.. Rap or country 

I don't really listen to either, but does that make them bad?  

Music is food for the soul.  We all like some foods better than others.  

There is no worse.  There is only soulful vs. commercial.  

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Funny story (okay...not really)

See how Rick Kamla is wearing one of Quinn's "run hit" shirts?  

I was at camp that day and listened to this interview on the way home.  As I was leaving, they were doing the show from camp and Rick starts pointing at me and goes "Hey, that's my shirt!", referring to my knockoff version of that shirt.

He was saying he was about to go get one, asking how much I paid for it, "nice shirt", etc.  I guess he did actually go get one for himself.

So yeah, my shirt got me on the radio.  I'm kind of a big deal :lol:

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