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Mr. Blank is a classy dude

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Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank proved Friday that charity trumps divisional rivalries.

Blank donated $100,000 through his foundation to The Gleason Initiative Foundation, which aims to raise public awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Steve Gleason, who started the foundation while fighting ALS, played safety for the New Orleans Saints from 2000-2007, battling against Blank's Falcons twice a year.

The Falcons owner spoke about his impetus to contribute to Gleason's foundation.

"Steve Gleason's story touched me as a father and recent cancer survivor," Blank said, according to ESPN's Vaughn McClure. "Stories like his bring into focus what is truly important. His story is about a life that was dramatically changed by a disease, and how he has courageously chosen to face it. It's about family and what is most important in life - more important than any game, any play or any rivalry ever will be."

Gleason was touched by Blank's donation, and also pointed out that his awareness transcends the long-standing NFC South rivalry.

Thanks @AtlantaFalcons owner Arthur Blank & wife Angie for your generous contribution! Yes, life is greater than any rivalry.#NoWhiteFlags


"Gleason," a documentary about the former safety's life, is airing in select theaters across North America.

Falcons owner Blank donates $100K to Steve Gleason's foundation

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2 hours ago, octoslash said:

My friend's father died from ALS.  It's as cruel a way to die as nature has

so far come up with.  I think if my doctor told me I had it, I'd end up eating a bullet or

something because no way in heII do I have the guts to endure such a rough deal. 

I've stated before, if ALS were to happen to me, then move to a state where assisted suicide/euthanasia, whatever it is called is legal.

That is selfish, and I/family probably wouldn't go through with it, but It is a horrible disease. 

Respect for guys like Gleason, Ice Bucket challenge guy, and so many others who fight it and bring awareness to it. Obviously, something's are much bigger than football in life.

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