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Depth...depth all around.

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1 hour ago, ATLFalcon36 said:

player development FTW. I was telling my dad at the game that A LOT of our 2nd team was starting last year and now they're 2nd or 3rd team (Reed, Hageman, Jackson, maybe Worrilow, Ishmael)

Philip Wheeler as well.  And Nate Stupar's "replacement," LaRoy Reynolds, was also mostly playing with the 3rd string.

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3 hours ago, birdz4i said:

was nice to see the second and third teams, score and not blow a lead.

it was nice indeed to see our backups out play the other teams backups. it's been said around here the last several years, yes we know the W/L doesn't mean anything, but the poor play in years past by our backups against 'their' backups,  was sure indication if we had any significant injuries, we were up the creek without a paddle. 


and we all saw a few years in a row where we had significant and numerous injuries, where those backups who looked so lost and pathetic against other backups had to play against starters, and we all know how that turned out. 


I think if anything from last night should be 'obviously' pleasing, it's what appears to be solid all around depth


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