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One PreSeason Game

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4 minutes ago, R_The_Great said:

Again another thread trying to cover up for matt Ryan's lack of production , how dare anyone question matt ryan??

If he sucks after the first four games of the regular season then I will question Matt and the coaching staff.

Lets all calm down and be optimistic please...

Dan Quinn doesn't seem like an idiot fellas. If Ryan sucks it up at some point a change will be made.

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On 8/12/2016 at 10:01 AM, charliechaplin said:

After one practice game:

- Fire Shanahan

- M. Ryan sucks

- We are SB bound

.....that should about sum it up.  No need to read any other posts.............


I'm Telling ya THAT PLAYER IS A BREAST!!!!!! 

You can't sell stupid, but you can manufacture it!!!!!! :lol: Quote and kidding of course..... 

Arby's we have the MONEY!!!!!!! Another Quote.......... 





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17 hours ago, Diesel_Bird said:

Ryan threw one into the dirt to one of the most prolific WRs to play the game.  But it's ok bc "preseason", and "2012". 

Just meesin around here but kind of serious at the same time...

That's okay, bro. It's like my dad always taught me: Always be sincere, even though you don't really mean it.

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