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Myles Garrett: Worse Path to Atlanta?


Which Outcome That Makes Myles Garrett A Falcon Is Worse?  

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  1. 1. Which Outcome That Makes Myles Garrett A Falcon Is Worse?

    • We suck bad enough in 2016 to draft him in the top 5
    • We Julio him, trading away our future for a game-changer

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The more I've been watching of and reading about Myles Garrett, the more I think that he alone could make us a top 5 defense, with multiple Superbowl appears during his tenure.

Looking at the way our defense is constructed, and given my faith in our roster, I think we would have an aggressive, opportunistic defense to lead our team for a long time.

Given our speed and athleticism at LB, our size and press technique at CB, and the midfield enforcer we just drafted in the 1st this year, we are poised to do serious damage on any team that tries to complete a short-to-medium length pass.

Garrett looks to be what the military terms a "Force-Multiplier" a factor whose addition exponentially increases the effectiveness of each faction within the overall unit.

Want to throw it deep? Garrett and Beasley would like a word, Mr. Brees

Want to throw it medium? Sorry coach, that Keanu kid's a bit rough around the edges.

Want to run the ball inside? Everybody's in the box already, let's all go say hi together.

Want to throw a screen/run outside? If you guys want to waste a down going backwards, that's so thoughtful. Ill-advised, but thoughtful.

His impact would be so great that Matt and Julio would only need to come along for the ride each season to the playoffs, a second-or-third round guard would have that entire side of the ball set for a presidential term.

All that said, we are likely too good to actually be able to draft when he is likely to go. Most have him as a top 5 player, with a few slotting him first overall.

Both the Titans and Browns should be pretty bad this year, and both have multiple first rounders to spend. While the Browns presumably will go QB and the Titans are pretty set with pass-rushers, many think Garrett can surpass Von as Texas A&M's finest. You don't say no to that.

What would be a more damaging outcome that ends with us drafting the missing piece to our championship aspirations?

1. Our team collapses in the face of a brutal schedule, exposing holes in our running game or rushing defense, ending up 4-12 as some have already predicted. Dimitroff, Pioli or both fall on their swords, changes at O.C. and a dispirited fanbase moving into a new stadium.

2. We pull another Julio trade, sacrificing multiple years of high-round picks and presumably our future, crushing our team's depth in the process.



Based on his mental make-up, physical ability and drive, all signs point to Garrett being a sure thing and annual pro-bowler. I actually don't give a **** either way what happens, as long as he ended up in red and black.

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2 minutes ago, The Architect said:

I'd rather suck. Julio is too good of an asset to lose and he isn't even at the peak of his prime yet. Love Garrett though and I hope that some way, somehow even with the unlikely odds of us sucking that bad (knock on wood), he becomes a Falcon.

He meant a trade up like we did for Julio. Not trading Julio

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