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Top 5 Things To Watch As Falcons Host Redskins


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ATLANTA – The NFL is absolutely a 365-day-a-year sport with the Senior Bowl, the combine, the draft and offseason workouts (minicamps and OTAs) bridging the gap between the Super Bowl and the regular season. As much as we love the offseason, nothing replaces real action on the field.

Atlanta’s preseason slate kicks off Thursday in the Georgia Dome against the Washington Redskins and the buzz nearly feels palpable as the Falcons finally return to the gridiron.  Head coach Dan Quinn explained the importance of this first preseason game – particularly for the rookies – on Tuesday:

“They’ve had the OTAs, they had minicamp, and now training camp sessions, and then this is the next step,” Quinn said. “It’s always one, especially for the rookies, that’s kind of a really cool night and really devoted toward them as they’re getting their NFL careers started in their first preseason game. So an important one for all of us, especially for them. We really devote that night to them and see what they can and can’t do.”

Quinn said he wants to see effort out there and the strain players go through in new situations. But what should the fans look to glean from Thursday’s game? Here are five things to watch:

5. What will we find out about the running backs?



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