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Finally made it to a Training Camp (Day 6) 8/3

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My first trip to a training camp and I must say it was nice. A nice day for camp, relatively cool. Good to see them scrimmaging. Not too many details as I didn't know where to focus my attention, :) 

I did see Beasley in position to sack Ryan on one drill via a stunt and Raheem Morris cannot throw a fade to save his rear, lol. The new guys look fast.

Other than that, I had fun, got a new hat and I am ready for the season to start!

I woke up to a tent leaking this morning so I packed up and went back to Savanah(8/4)

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16 hours ago, HighFlyingFalcon said:

How crowded was it during the week?   Thinking about going over next Monday or Tuesday~maybe it won't be packed shoulder to shoulder like it is on the weekend

I exclusively go during the week. Weekends get too crowded for my taste. During the week it'll be one row deep along the field barriers at the bottom of the hill, the tents up top will be pretty crowded to avoid the heat, and the hill will have scattered fans around on blankets. Overall when I go, even with the crowding for autographs at the end. I can pick up two or three guys I want to get signatures from, get them, and get out before the final horn blows for all the players to go inside.

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9 hours ago, falconsfansrus said:

OP you are welcome to use 2 of my first row, 50 yard line club seats for the next pre-season game...

While I would love to take you up on this, I cannot make it up there and back in time for work. 12 hour day for me the day after. Thanks for the offer.

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