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2 hours ago, g-dawg said:

assuming reasonable health this year, if we suckered so bad we are in position to draft Myles Garrett, then we probably need a Qb.  Matt Ryan will have no excuses - he needs to erase the stink of his 2015 performances.

I don't see this as anything to worry about, but ~ if Matt had another year like last year, the FO would have no choice but to go after a QB.  If they stuck with Matt after another year like last year, I would think there would be serious attendance problems at the new barn. But, I'm sure he'll be markedly better, hopefully better than ever before with this new OL.

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This is not a choice.  I want both and we should be able to bring in both.  We need guys that can get after the QB.


Unless Freeney goes back to Arizona (which I could see) I'd say we have a shot to bring him in but it won't be until late-August.  He doesn't want to go through camp.  Guy had 8 sacks last year with Arizona and signed in Sept. or Oct.

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6 hours ago, Dirtybird3 said:

So you feel kroys contribution couldn't be out done by freeny? Im with the molding of Beasley too, what better than a spin move on a smaller rusher

Not at all. I'm speaking more to those with Freeney's last season stuck in their mind. I'm perfectly fine with bringing in both Scho and Free, I'm just not being dismissive.

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You gotta look pass just the numbers on these players.  From 2012 to 2014 Freeney was basically playing through one injury or another.

He played pretty much the whole 2012 season on a bad ankle he hurt the first game of the season.  That accounts for he 5 sacks.

2013 he went to San Diego and tore his quad, only played in 4 games.

2014 he had a hard time shaking off two seasons of rust and the coaching staff was just about ready to move on and were clearly starting to phase him out. Even then he still had 40 pressures which was third among 3-4 linebackers.

There literally is no risk at all to signing Dwight Freeney, especially with the lingering questions about the pass rush. 

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9 hours ago, BayFalcon said:

That's pretty terrible. 4 sacks in 93 seasons is only .043 sacks per season.

I think he meant 4 sacks per season average.  Which means Freeney has like 372 sacks (or will by 2104, when he'll be like 120 years old or something).  GOAT.

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