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JC Falcon

Vick felt bad for defenders. Dominated too much.

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40 minutes ago, Jesus said:

My favorite Vick game:

11/12/06 vs the Cleveland Browns

16/40 197 1 TD 2 int 7-74 rushing.

Every pass was awful. The Browns were one of the worst teams in the NFL.

What made that game even worse was that it was right on the heels of the two best passing games Vick ever had in wins over the Steelers and Bengals.

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20 hours ago, JerseyNo12 said:

Anytime something about Vick gets posted, guys just take the opportunity to rehash the past and vent their anger at something that was resolved more than half a decade ago. People act like Vick is completely unapologetic about what he did, and whether or not he is or isn't, I'm wondering why almost ten years later people are still so hung up over this.



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