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Horford was leaving unless he was given the keys to the city (supermax).

The team wasn't sure if whether they wanted to lock down the core as they were afraid they'd constantly get beaten down by Cleveland if they did for five years.

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On 12/6/2016 at 8:16 AM, Forever Julian said:

He had heart though, and he played for the team. Two things nobody will ever be able to say about Howard.


Letting Horford go killed this team, and it really is as simple as that. Hawks were built to be a greater than the sum of all parts TEAM, not an individual super star team. This current team puts too much pressure on Millsap, who despite his numbers as the main option on a good team, is NOT a super star. Dwight is lazy and average.  He got 6 points last night going against Kanter at home. This is a guy getting millions. Terrible.

Horford may have had heart but he didn't always leave it on the court....too many 3 rebound games and playing as soft as Charmin.

Horford WANTED a full 5 year max deal, Hawks weren't willing to do that. He got his 4 year deal from Boston, the Hawks offered a 4 year deal  higher than Boston, he left.

That's on him.

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