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Braves @ Mets

E. T.

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1 minute ago, Unkn0wn said:

Matchups for this series.

Gant vs Harvey

Blair vs Matz

Teheran vs deGrom

Harvey by the way isnt struggling anymore. He's only allowed 2 runs over his last 20 innings.

Blair still has me a little nauseous...hope he has a good outing. He's due for one!

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AJ got a little tired of Blair being scared to come after hitters. Report from DOB today

Basically, Pierzynski told Blair “throw the (bleeping) ball over the plate, you (bleep),” and said he wasn’t going to catch another pitch until he threw a strike.

Blair proceeded to throw six consecutive strikes.

“A.J. came out and talked to me. He kind of turned a switch on in me,” Blair said Friday. “I got more aggressive as a pitcher, not only my pitches but the attitude. I’m just looking to carry that into (Saturday).”

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36 minutes ago, Positive Thinker said:

Don't get to giddy my friend. That was the woeful CINCINNATI staff we ganged up on. Mets will bring us back to earth. 


35 minutes ago, Positive Thinker said:

He won't I assure you

Stay positive!

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