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2 hours ago, dirtyhairy said:

Ah oh, Pamela Geller, an all star here on the boards is reporting the Islamic JIhadist killer was talking to a co conspirator regarding tactics while he was engaged in the killing. Also being NOT REPORTED is his relationship with the suicide Bomber from his own mosque is much deeper then thought. We can rest assured our wonderful DOJ will soon report all this and we will all feel safe once again.

No dh, she will be killing them with love, kindness, and compassion.  

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4 hours ago, Vogelgryff said:

Indonesia says ‘no room’ for gay community

Such an open minded and tolerant country...

Gay rights are indeed a problem there.  But they have never banned gay sex, as America did for hundreds of years, and their problems with discrimination are no greater than what People in the LGBT community experienced just twent years ago in the United States.  

Not sure given our own history of anti-LGBT practices that we have the moral high ground to attack them.  

Also, do you support gay marriage now?  Do you support the right of transgender people to go to the bathroom of their choice?.  Do you support the anti-discrimination bills that prohibit restaurants and apartments from denying service to LGBT community?

Just trying to figure out where you stand on this that gives you the moral ground to call Indonesia intolerant. 

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