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Chris D

Looking for a couple logos

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Hey guys. I run a 28-32 man Madden league on XB1 and I'm trying to get some logos made up for our leagues Super Bowl Championship prize which I need a couple of logos for. I'm willing to throw some cash your way if that's what it takes, just private message me and we can talk price. 


Basically what I need is a "Legends Premier League Super Bowl" logo, and  a "Legends Premier League Friday Night Tailgate" logo for our league podcast radio show. Something sort of flashy would be neat. Something that looks official and what not. We put a lot into this league and I want something to show off. You'll get plenty of credit, as will the forums here - and we're all football fans! 


Again, I'm aware this is basically two projects. I'm willing to pay via PayPal to whoever does this! 


I have our league logo already, beneath is a picture view of it: 




And the PSD file to the logo is here:





If anyone is interested in doing this project, let me know. It's pretty open to creativity I suppose. The Super Bowl  logo is most likely going to end up on the back of a hooded pull over that I'm going to purchase and send to the winners for free, so we're looking for something that looks official and unique to our league.


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The picture that it shows on google is a PNG. If you click the download button above the PNG photo of the file it is the layered PSD file. You have to download and open with photoshop. 

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Here you go... It's just a quick concept..I need to curve teh vector lines on the ball, and and I have another concept. .How much?



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