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The Falcons have 88 players under contract, so what moves are coming?


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By Dave Choate

@TheFalcoholic on Jun 1, 2016, 10:00a 6

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few possible moves looming this week


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The Falcons currently have two open roster spots, which means there are moves in the offing. We just don't know what those moves are.

In this space, I'll be hazarding a handful of guesses as to how the team will address its two vacancies, and you're only going to like some of them. Fair warning.


Sign Dwight Freeney

This would be far and away the best move the Falcons could make at this exact moment, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Freeney offers pass rushing prowess this team simply lacks at the moment, and at this point in the offseason, you could get him for cheap and for a year, so the risk is pretty minor. He'd fill with one spot with a player who has a genuine shot to contribute all season long.


Sign a cornerback

Passing on Brandon Boykin simply means there isn't much left out there, but the Falcons still may need a corner for the first four games of the season. Antonio Cromartie is arguably the best veteran available if there's no interest in Boykin, but there's a ton of merely okay options if the Falcons are set to roll with Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, and Akeem King as their obvious top three options.


Bolster depth elsewhere with guys you've never heard of

Now this seems more likely. If the Falcons decide they don't want Freeney and they're all set at cornerback, they may just fill out the back end of the roster with players they find mildly interesting. That's typically what happens when you have 88 roster spots filled and want to let things play out, and no one should be surprised if Quinn and company decide that Freeney's age makes him unappealing and the team goes in a different direction.


The good news is, we should know soon, one way or the other.





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That's one of the things that I like about this staff. They don't sign another player just to get to 90.

If they find someone they like they'll sign them, but they're not going to try and fill empty spots just for the **** of it.

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I know that the idea is to get the roster to 90 players before preseason but we all look on here and give our opinion about a few players we feel would make this team that much better.  Especially since we all know almost 40 players arent going to make the final roster.  We currently have around 8 million dollars to spend.  I would have loved to have signed Freeney, but I also think that with all the new faces that we have added and the realignment of player positions I think that we are already pretty crowded in certain positions without knowing truly how our young talent will perform.  I feel opposite Beasley that Freeney could have garnered two blockers which would have allowed for our DTs and beasley to penetrate much better as well as break down protection and allow our pass coverage to lock down their receivers.  I feel this would be a huge upgrade to our less then adequate pas rush these past years. 


I went to the overthecap website and calculated a few cuts and with us releasing jackson, soliai, hester, bryant, worrilow, and person we are sitting pretty at around 19 million this year. IDK if we are going to use ALL that on one or two top name players but if we arent going to keep these players I really do hope we have plans for that money.  New contracts for Schraeder, Alford?  Or are we looking to roll it over into next year?  I am getting antsy with all these "visits" only to be let down, but I have faith in our management no matter how people are calling for their heads.  I believe we are headed in the right direction....just cant wait for the season to start.  I hope our team gels how we all hope they do and execute and dominate the way that we envisioned the way they did during the 5-0 start in the beginning of the season.

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2 hours ago, federicofalcon2 said:


I went to the overthecap website and calculated a few cuts and with us releasing jackson, soliai, hester, bryant, worrilow, and person we are sitting pretty at around 19 million this year. 

Only Hester, and maybe Jackson out of that bunch, actually have a chance of being cut this year.

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12 hours ago, hjerry said:

Only Hester, and maybe Jackson out of that bunch, actually have a chance of being cut this year.

I dont think we will cut ALL of these players but I was just saying with all the talk and speculation, mostly by us fans, these re the ones that would warrant the most attention to not only get money back but we seem to have players to take their spots.

Most are vying for Hester's release, me though if he is healthy I would love for him to stay.  I know he wont be a top 3 or 4 offensive weapon but he could give us a few exciting plays a game or so and I loved seeing him break off a return or two when given the room.  This being his last year and all I'd love all the help we can get.  Fuller could be very good but we just dont know. 

I think the DL is crowded in the middle with so many multipurpose guys. Jarrett, Hageman Jackson, Babs, Shelby, and Clayborn have played all over the line and I think when you have that many bodies it makes for great competition but they wont be on the field all the time and if we have too many lineman we have too few opportunities for people to make plays consistently.  I have no idea how it will pan out but I just drew out these possibilities based on the talent we brought in to compete and the likelihood that they take over those spots.  

I like Worrilow too. I think he is limited in certain aspects of his game but he does come to play.  I dont think hes as bad as some of us are stating but I know we are all wanting better and better.  But we have to remember we were not a winning team on a consistent basis for so long that when MS brought winning ways to this franchise, I think that we all became accustomed to it and now our expectations are so high that if they are not met any amount of success short of a SB is an utter failure. 


I have great faith in this team that they can be competitive each and every game if they stay focused and play to their potential.  I didnt think that we had a chance against Carolina in the second game but I was hoping they kept it close.  Im glad they fought how they did and came out on top because it shows me as long as they stick to what they do best they have just as great a chance as anyone on that field. 

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