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Petition to Hold J Timberlake Accountable for Theft of Black Culture?

Guest marla_mulder

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15 minutes ago, kicker said:

Why the heck would anyone get criticized for it?  

Especially if they're not flat-out stealing material, a particular style or even being insulting to the culture by sucking at it.

Timberlake isn't any of that. He does the genre well and deserves kudos for it.

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A problem with the debate over cultural appropriation in popular music is that people on both sides get it in their head that we're eventually going to be talking about reparations of some sort. In reality a pop star that's frequently accused of problematic behavior, like appropriating another culture in their music or conflating feminism and body-positivity with selling sex, is just going to double down on whatever's getting them in the news. Timberlake is big enough that he doesn't have to slum it to stay in the news but in general a pop star is going to do what it takes to stay popular, and chastising them about music they didn't write just gives them a shot at a redemption arc to sell another album or two.

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28 minutes ago, marla_mulder said:

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your post, but what did Boone and Elvis do that were "far worse" or that they should be raked over the coals?


Again, money.  Big Mama Thornton, Little Richard and countless other black artists had their music re-song, repackaged as rock-and-roll and made a killing ($$$) in the process.  As far as I'm concerned, I could care less that Timberlake or any other white artist was influenced by black artists, sings like black artists, who cares, but when you blatantly steal their music and profit off of it, that is far worse.  

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10 minutes ago, Free Radical said:

He's saying they technically "appropriated" more from black culture than Justin. 

You are wrong, they took money out of black artists pockets, nothing more, nothing less!  Far worse than being influenced by black artists (which Timberlake has acknowledged countless times).  Timberlake has nothing to apologize for.

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10 hours ago, marla_mulder said:

Admittedly,  I'm not a big Elvis fan or Little Richard, and I've never heard of Big Mama Thornton, so I'm not familiar with the amount of "theft" that took place. However, if Elvis had legal rights to sing the songs and made more money on his versions, isn't that just competition? If they wrote the songs and owned the rights and received no compensation for him using them, I agree, that's theft, on the other hand.

Back in the late 90s, I remember both Leanne Rhimes and Trisha Yearwood released "How do I Live" around the same time...one was more country,  one was more pop....both were successful.  Similarly,  John Michael Montgomery released "I Swear" in the 90s...and it was later released by All 4 One. As long as it's legal, I don't see the issue.

The whole cultural appropriation argument just makes no sense to me.

Saying it was competition implies that it was an even playing ground... it was not.

A lot of white owned  radio stations refused to play black artist.

White artist were routinely paid more for covering back artists songs than the people who wrote them

Pat Boon for example made more money initially off of his ( terrible) version of Tutti Fruity than little Richard who wrote the song.

It was so one sided  back then that is not funny. So yeah a lot of Black artist strait up were stole from.


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