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OTA news and notes - Day 1 - March 23rd

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3 hours ago, Nereek said:

Trufant has no problem catching int's in pratice, but for some reason he has butterfingers in season.


43 minutes ago, cwell1 said:

because he dropped like 8 picks his 2nd year before catching the last 3. Same with his rookie year

It's because he has short arms and tiny hands. It was the knock on him in his draft profile, and having small hands is something that is never going to change. But he's one of the best cover DB's in the game at stopping completions (the job a CB is supposed to do), and an inability to secure INT's is his only weakness.

I'll take it. But the rest of you feel free to go ahead and keep complaining about the one weakness one of our best players has. Especially something that is out of his control.  

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Ummm don't all pac12 players have this problem every year because they have quarters and not semesters and they end later? 

I feel like our best reporters should look that up....

all pac12 players have an issue starting before June 1st because they're not allowed to play until the school year is completed. 

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Reed looks like he's lost at least 10-15 pounds from last season, when he seemed a little bloated. He looks shredded now. I wonder if that has anything to do with them simply wanting him to drop weight to hopefully not injure his groin again - which had been a problem for a few years now.




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4 hours ago, RandomFan said:

A thread for everyone to deposit and discuss the news and notes from Day 1 of OTA's that we see.



#97 Jarrett looks a bit larger than the 311 pounds he played at last season. Looks like he's been preparing for that NT role well.


Hey, hey. Who has been saying Upshaw would be getting some looks at DE? :dealwithit:

please tell me ryan is not in full form throwing int's

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