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Favourite ever draft pick


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Which draft pick(s) that we made was your favourite AT THE TIME. I'm talking about all-time. No hindsight either. If you were running around the room high-fiving people when Konz came off the board then so be it. 

As most of you know, I have only been watching football for a few years. 2012 draft was my first and I didn't know anything about any prospects then, so I only have the last few years to choose from. 

I was a huge fan of the Ricardo Allen pick. I didn't think we would take him and didn't know if he would translate to the NFL but he was probably my favourite player in that draft so I was delighted. 

The other one would be Grady Jarrett. I thought he was a second round pick and prior to the draft had told a few people who wanted him on day 3 that they were living in a fantasy world. I'm not usually a fan of trading up but as soon as it said we were on the clock I was pretty confident he would be the pick. Tuggle reading it made it even better. 

Who did you guys love us picking?

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15 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

Mike Vick. I have never been so fired up to have a rookie on the team. Not before or since. 

Hindsight is 20/20, but man I was really stoked at the time. 

I was too chicken to post this, but I'm right there with you... I was the conductor of that hype train. 

Conversely, I've never been happier to see a player go either 

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I wish I could say Matt Ryan, but I wanted Glenn Dorsey at the time. What a fool I was.


So I will say Desmond Trufant. He was my favorite CB in that draft and I didn't think we could get him.

In one of my first mocks ever I had us trading up to 22 with the Rams because of the Les Snead connection to get Trufant, citing that he would be the best in that class (not Dee Milliner) and it would be a steal to get him with anything less than a top 10 pick. Have to say I was overjoyed when we nailed that one.

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The truth  

the 1st pick in the 1966 draft--I had no idea who it would be ---BUT  he would be the first Falcon ever drafted-----Turned out to be Tommy Nobis

I would have been just a excited no matter who it was 

That pick made it all real to me 

note he wasn't the first Falcon --they had already signed aome FAs


MORE RECENT  Jake Matthews --I had been whining about the bad O-line for a few years

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William Andrews will always be my favorite player. But Julio Jones was my favorite pick because I didn't think we had a chance to get this Physical Freak because we were not high enough in that draft. When we traded up to get him , I looked like Chief Knockahoma jumping all over my living room.. I saw his combine and knew he was a Freak of nature and the sky was the limit. The other player I was really glad to see us get was Ryan.. I thought he was be who he has been.. We can never blame Ryan for a bad season, if every player on this team did their job as well as he does.. We'd win a Championship.. Hopefully it will happen in the next 2 years.. I personnally think we end up this year in the top 4, and I think we will win a SB sometime within the next 3 years. 

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JULIO JONES!  Especially considering I'm a lifelong Crimson Tide fan and Atlanta Falcon fan, this was one pick that I wanted to see happen but didn't think we'd even be close in getting a chance.  The trade up that year to grab him made me ecstatic. It was an over the top trade to get an over the top player that has in just five seasons become one of the Falcons' All Time Greats and could become the greatest when his time is done. 

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