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Madden 16, as close to the real thing as possible.

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Hi folks,

I'm interested in playing Madden with the Falcons and am looking for some help in terms of playbooks, offensive/defensive scheme/style, etc. to set to, to make it as close to our actual Falcons as possible. I'm also wondering if there is any way I can get the 2016 draft class as on the roster as well. I'm thinking probably not, as that will force us to buy the next edition.

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If you play franchise mode as the Falcons you will have the offensive and defensive playbooks that go with the Falcons in the game. If you want to be able to control every player on the field, then start franchise mode as Dan Quinn. You can also start franchise mode as a player on the team, but then you can only use that player during the games (sorry for insulting your inteligence if you new that already). As for the rosters, you are correct, no rookies until madden 17. I went to create-a-player and made our first two picks based off their rookie cards in madden ultimate team. You can find their ratings and measurables on the Muthead website and create players based off of them and put them onto the Falcons roster (make sure you add them to the roster before starting franchise mode). If you feel you can make players for the last four picks with nothing to go on but YouTube highlights then you can try, but I'll just stick with Neal and Jones until madden 17.

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42 minutes ago, AllStarHandyMan said:

You can download other people's rosters that fans made. You can't play them online but I have one that has all our free agent and rookies

This is great. Any idea what the name of the fan was, or how I can find them? I'm on PS4. 

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