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What new player are you most excited about?

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7 minutes ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:

Alex Mack and the cascade effect his play should have on the line overall. 

I want to say Neal, but this is my answer too.  This o-line should be much improved, and that means the offense as a whole will be much improved.

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Keanu Neal for sure, dude is just a banger back in the secondary and Derrick Shelby, I'm curious to see that if he's in a full time role if he can turn into a dominate player. To be honest, I'm excited to see MOST of our new additions lol

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He's gonna make some coverage mistakes but the hits Neal lays are going to get the defense and crowd pumped. He's worth more than people think. 


Cant wait for Ryan to feel more confident with Mack up there. I think our line faltered early last year on run plays because of inconsistent center play. Our offense will be better this year. Not quite 2012 levels but close. 

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I'm most expecting Shelby and Mack to make the biggest difference.

I'm very excited/anxious to see Sanu and Jones.  If those guys can be difference makers, the team will be a lot better, but I have no idea if either are ready.  Those are two that will make a big difference to our offense and defense this year if they're plus starters from the jump.

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