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One more UDFA I'd like to see us sign - Nick VanHoose - CB - Northwestern

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We need CB depth and this guy would be a good nickle or dime CB.  He isn't flashy but is a good cover guy who doesn't get penalized.   I've watched him play a lot the last few years and think he is worth a look.




 Quick, tight footwork out of his pedal and in his lateral redirect. Has sudden transition forward from his pedal. Able to open hips cleanly and chase receivers out of their breaks. Plays with good football intelligence and pattern recognition. Hyper­-aware and looks to make plays outside of his area when possible. Quality burst to the ball allows him to show off his balls skills. Logged eight interceptions over his career and 29 passes defensed over last two seasons. Blocked three kicks in 2014.



 Quicker than fast. Could struggle with all-­day vertical types. Has short area burst, but questionable long recovery speed. Lack of length puts him just out of reach of making more plays on ball. Catch and drag tackler. Allowed eight missed and two broken tackles and absorbs much more of the contact than he doles out.




 Four-year starter with the twitchy feet and athleticism to stay with most wide receivers he will face in man coverage. VanHoose hasn't been penalized in two seasons, which speaks to his technique, discipline and confidence in his ball skills. While he's not a physical tackler, his cover skills could give him a good shot at making a team and competing for a nickel cornerback spot in the future.

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