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Which UDFA do you think/want to make the team?


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Mine are:

RB-Wilds beats out Ward. He is 240 lbs and we will need that on the goal line.

DT-Mayes was 1 of,if not the strongest DT at the combine. 6'4 320 to team with Tyson Jackson's 6'4 340 would be nice. I think he can beat out Mbu.

CB/FS-Brian Poole or Sherrod Neasman both can play S and CB. Poole is probably better in coverage but is stout at 5'10 206 and would be nice on ST. They will have to fight tooth and nail with Therezie though.


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Ward did a good job last year but too much like Free and doesn't really bring anything different or better to the table.  Wilds has deceptive speed, is always moving forward and big enough to carry tacklers and he can catch half way decently.  If he can stay healthy, he gives us a 3rd completely different back with Free being the quick shifty back, Teco being the speed back and Wilds bringing power.  I don't think he will make the team but would be happy if he did.

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