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Falcons enduring Navy Seal Workout

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27 minutes ago, Bobby.Digital said:

Sure honor them here and there but the amount of air time they get is a bit overkill. We should be honoring alot of different types people like teachers, surgeons, firefighters etc. 

As for taking the money. The military is happy to pay that money why not take it? At the end of the day the military uses that TV time as a recruiting method. 

Yes, as a society those other professions you mentioned should be honored absolutely.. However, None of us could do Any of the things we do without the military doing theirs, end of story.

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19 hours ago, The O.D.B said:

I can't say slim or not but, man did you see him just tossing that tire like it was nothing? WOW!

Who's they guy to the left of Shede(in the background) doing the tire flip?  He's beating Shede.

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I don't understand why everyone got so bent out of shape over the military appreciation stuff. The military was paying for ADVERTISING same as Verizon, Coke, Budweiser, etc. The amount paid to the NFL was a small drop in the advertising/recruiting budget. Teams have said multiple times the presentation part was completely separate from the paid advertising part but people keep running with the negative assumptions. If the advertising had been done one month and appreciation another would that make a difference? 

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