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How I see this defebse looking in 3 years

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So I've been noticing we have a very strong foundation in the defensive side of the ball, and I believe we have a majority of our long term starters on the roster. This is how I think DW envisions this defense over the next few years:

DE - Clayborn/Shelby/Future draft pick

DT - Jarrett

DT - Hageman

DE - Future draft pick

WLB - Campbell

MLB - Jones

SLB - Vic Beasley

CB - Trufant

NB - Alford

FS - Future draft pick

SS - Neal

CB - Collins/Future draft pick

I really think we have our long term LBers, if Jones and Campbell develop. 

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Assuming that we resign Trufant and Alford, obviously? Not so sure that will the case. Alford might price himself out of Atlanta. I expect us to go with Trufant, Collins, and draft another CB if Alford wants Trufant money. Don't know about Hageman either. He might want more than he's earned so unless he really ups his quality of play I don't know that we'll up his quality of pay.

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