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The Bro System: Player Development Breakthrough?

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In this year's draft we went after guys from three schools we've targeted in the past couple of years.

Deion Jones from LSU, Devondre Campbell from Minnesota, and Wes Schweitzer from San Jose State. When you look at the guys who we already have from their schools, 

Jalen Collins, Rashede Hageman, and Akeem King respectively, you see elite athletes with question marks regarding maturity and effort(moreso experience for King).

That is a sharp contrast from the 2016 class, all of whom are considered hard-working and highly motivated. While perhaps not a deciding factor in their draft selection, it could be something of a side benefit for our vets to step their games up as they welcome rookie alumni to the Falcons family. As anybody who follows athletes on twitter can attest, collegiate pride is intense in these guys . I certainly would hate to be seen as slacking off in front of the young guy from back home.

Do you think that our new additions can have a beneficial side effect on guys like Collins and Hageman?

If so, do you think Baltimore's Matt Elam could become an option at free safety in 2017 ? He'd be alongside college-mate Neal and reunite with his former coach Dan Quinn. Based on what has been said about him, Neal's intensity is completely infectious, and we could see an improved player in Elam.

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30 minutes ago, PrimitiveJN said:

I don't think Elam and Neal ever played a snap together. Could be wrong tho.

My college mate I mean, went to the same college, not were there at the same time.

Couldn't think of a more specific term for that.

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