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Say 'ellow to our little friend...

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Will Ratelle ... gunner/fullback ... depth at ILB with a chance to be more.


 Consistent effort and performance. Nasty when ball is snapped pummeling crossing routes and taking on guards with as much jolt behind his forearm shivers as he can generate. Much better athlete than the cover of book would indicate. Pro day numbers checked boxes for speed (4.54-second 40-yard dash), power (36 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press) and explosion (36-inch vertical). Has suddenness to his movements. Field leader and weight room monster who lines up defense. Has agility and twitch to matchup with running backs out of the backfield. Played fullback in high school and has worked out for teams at that position as well.


 Much shorter and stockier than the typical NFL inside linebacker. Will carry some excess weight on his frame. Can be overwhelmed by taller offensive linemen and lose track of the ball. Lack of overall length (included arm length) will slightly limit his range as a tackler in space. Short strides could provide challenge when matched up on vertical tight ends.


 Rounds 5 or 6


 With as much twitch and downhill talent as many of the inside linebackers in this draft, Ratelle's only glaring liability is his lack of length at a position that sometimes requires it. Ratelle should hear his name on day three and is capable of becoming a very good backup with eventual starter ability, but don't sleep on a team's desire to transition him over to fullback. easy to get caught up the short, stocky frame and just assume Ratelle is going to be a stiff, plugger with a try­-hard attitude and a lack of next-­level talent, but that would be incorrect.

Don't understand the knock regarding short strides since his 40 time is still there, however height would be a problem against tall receivers and tight ends even with his vertical. He is smart on tape and can cover smaller running backs and slot receivers. Noticed that linemen have a hard time adjusting pad level on double teams (he is still a 250 pound bowling ball) and easily shoots gaps on already engaged linemen. FULLBACK would be quite interesting and he could make a good gunner.


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18 hours ago, Smiler11 said:

+1 for the thread title, although outside of the NFL 5-9 isnt really that short and 250 lbs isn't little, but still made me laugh... 

Thanks ... he is actually a hair under 5'10" but looks like a midget since he is about as wide.

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3 hours ago, MagnusXXIII said:

sorry about that but didn't see anything.  

Like your spreadsheet .... I suppose you'll be updating it soon.

Yeah, I'm slowly working on it. Got other things going on right now. Waiting for the final UDFA list to give a full update after that.

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