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Falcons Sack Predictions 2016- Time to quit whining and go on record


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In 2015 the Falcons recorded a pathetic 19 sacks. The flip side of this stat is we also recorded 119 QB hurries which was near the top of the NFL in hurries. Many are complaining we did nothing to help our pass rush. Yet, we were at bottom of NFL in quick passes given up to RBs and TEs. We addressed this by bringing in players who can cover TEs and RBs. Many of the new LBs we have can rush the passer. We also signed some new veterans who can get to the QB and get back a healthy Brooks Reed who had 3 sacks and 10 QB hits in 2014 prior to the nasty groin injury he had that hampered him last year.

I suggest we did a lot this offseason to help increase sack totals, to convert many of those hurries into sacks and actually improve the  pass rush as a whole. In Quinns scheme, he relies on the pass rush coming from many places including his linebackers, he doesn't relay on one guy getting double digit sacks.

Here are the sack totals of the #1 rated scoring defenses over the last 3 seasons:

2012: Chiefs had 27 sacks

2013: Jags had 31 sacks

2015: 49ers had 28 sacks


My prediction for the Falcons is we will increase from 19 sacks last year to 28 sacks in 2016. That means I'm predicting we get same amount of sacks 2 out of the last 3 top rated defenses got.  If we can get at or near 28 sacks we have a chance to be an awesome defense this season. 

If you disagree and are screaming from the rooftops my assessment is incorrect becuase we did not fix our pass rush, THEN GO ON RECORD AND TELL US ALL HOW MANY SACKS YOU PREDICT THE 2016 FALCON DEFENSE WILL GET.  





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Just now, falcndave said:

I've already predicted 10 for Beasley. That's the extent of my predictions. I believe improved coverage verses RB/TE will turn his pressures into sacks.

I agree with everything you said.

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first off - GAZOO - why don't you put up some legit stats......

San Francisco was the #1 scoring defense last year?  yeah, right....try #18.....even the Falcons were better!

Gazoo should take his thread down - he does not even have his basic facts right.


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I appreciate everyone who made their predictions based on the information we have at this point in time.

Please notice those on the message board bemoaning our pass rush isn't fixed, in other words predicting 19 or less sacks this year, refuse to go on record, they just keep banging their spoons on their high chairs without quantifying. 

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I do believe the sack total will significantly improve this season. Beasley has a year of experience under his belt, and might be getting more snaps playing some LB, in addition to pass-rushing DE. Jarret and Hageman with extra year of experience. Addition of Shelby as a base DE and DT in nickle should help. Playing Clayborn almost exclusively at DE should help. Better pass coverage of TEs and RBs by our new LBs and SS should provide a good boost. Upshaw might help, if he gets snaps at base DE, rather than TJax, in addition to SLB. Reed should be more healthy. Spoon was a decent blitzer, and Campbell/Jones might have blitz potential. With all that said, my sack prognostication as follows:

Beasley = 8

Shelby = 5

Clayborn = 4

Babs = 3

Jarrett = 2

Hageman = 2

Upshaw = 2

Blitzing LBs = 2

Blitzing DBs = 2

Total = 30

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