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Salutations, Long Time No See, and Howdy-do!?!?!

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Congratulations Tuggle!  I went through the same thing a few years ago (including the ensuing less time on the boards).  Wife had a couple miscarriages, but we eventually were blessed with a very spirited little girl that now has me securely wrapped around her finger. It truely is an exhausting, exciting, life changing blessing.





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Congrats man. Few words of wisdom from someone that's been there. 

Forget try to prepare because there's no such thing with kids. Sleep now as much as possible because it becomes a luxury and under no circumstances be fooled by the false sense of security when the baby sleeps normally at first. Colic sucks. It's a cruel slap in the face so find all the home remedies, throw them out the window and try white noise cd's or car rides. Gripewater is questionable but worth a shot if nothing more than to make you feel better. During the delivery DO NOT believe them if they say you can go get food in the hospital. If you do believe them answer any calls on your phone even if it says Nigerian prince scammer or you may end up eating chicken strips while your kid is being born. Last but most importantly have a f'ing blast because life will never be the same and nothing will compare to it. There is no drug in the world that will get you as high as when you hold that kid for the first time. Nothing will make you love deeper, cry harder, or worry more than a kid so enjoy every second of it. 

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