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A Little Humor About This Draft

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SPOILER ALERT! - Those who submitted Mock Drafts may not like this post!


The Mocks We Saw - Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee

What We Heard - Grab Jack!  Grab Jack!

What We Got - Neal

The Initial Responses - F*%k - D@MN! - REACH!


The Mocks We Saw - Hunter Henry! Hunter Henry!  Neal!  (Wait, he's already gone... by US!)

What We Heard - Cravens!  Cravens!  Whitehair!

What We Got - TRADE!  Then Jones in two picks! 

The Initial Responses - F*%k, should've gotten Cravens! - D@MN! Should've gotten Whitehair! - REACH!


The Mocks We Saw - Jones, Jones, (Oh Wait, he's already gone!... by US!)

What We Heard - Crickets! 

What We Got - Hooper!  TE from Stanford

The Initial Responses - D@MN! - HeII YEAH! - WOW!  


The Mocks We Saw - Most seem to elude to Guard IF they went that far!

What We Heard -  Grab a Guard! 

What We Got - De'Vandre Campbell - LB

The Initial Responses - F*%k - D@MN!

Post GOOGLE Responses - WOW!  We're getting FAST ON DEFENSE! 

SIXTH ROUND*: (Via Trade from Houston)

The Mocks We Saw - Does NOT Apply! 

What We Heard - Crickets

What We Got - Wes Schweitzer

Initial Responses - F*%k - D@MN!

Post YouTube Video Responses - "Hmmmmmm", "Sweet", "Schnitzengruber, Sch-I can't spell his name-zer!"


The Mocks We Saw - Does it really matter?

What We Heard - Uhhhh, let me go look at the BPA board.

What We Got - Devin Fuller, WR UCLA

Initial Response - Crickets

Post GOOGLE Responses - "Wow!  That guy can fly!", "Return Man", "I'm still trying to figure out who Wes Schweitzer is!"

All things considered.. I think we had a really great draft.  These were comments and such I have experienced (time and again) from the board's "Armchair GM's" as well as others from the board in the "Official Draft Thread".  This post is for entertainment purposes only and those offended may not take legal action. 

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