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My opinion by a loyal fan outside of the Falcons viewing area.


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First off, as a displaced Falcons fan here in the Bucs backyard in Tampa for 8 years, I have a view of the Falcons that the Bucs fans see every time. I see that week 1 will be a very close game and the rivalry will be the strongest since 2002(TB won vs the Falcons and TB won the Super Bowl that year and because we have to go against our winningest coach in Falcons history first[which sucks.]) Second, IMHO, 8-8 wasn't a total clean house record. If it was a 7-9 or worse, then yes, yes, DQ would of cut the fat deeper with a possible TD/Cox/Pioli firing(which most TATF people would of thrown celebratory parties!) Finally, we fans expect these great players to win their division, win the Super Bowl and have a party up and down Martin Luther King drive. But, just like Jim E. Mora said "You just don't know.., You just don't know." Jobs are also on the line of both sides on the field when these guys play as well as the fan base and the ticket sales which hurts Blank's credibility as an owner and the TV stations who carry them. It starts with not only our fan support and perseverance to stay loyal but the players ability to do their jobs effectively!

P.S:About the draft today, I ranked this draft a B- because there were guys that they missed but I trust DQ on this draft. I wont put any predictions of how the season will turn out but my position on this season is 1 game at a time. That's how champions are made. That's how success happens.

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