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Good job front office

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Nah, I would give the draft a solid C from an outsider perspective and a solid B from an insider perspective. I think I would have liked to see Cravens and Joseph over Neal and Jones, but it is a wash either way when you think about it. I saw what we were doing after we drafted Jones and I feel that was the best the FO could do.

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I will not give a grade and I'm not mad

but I am very surprised

1.  50% Defense  50% Offense  -- truthfully I was expecting 100% defense

2. very surprised at a TE and a WR ---  not as much at Guard --- I just did not see TE and WR as  "needs" bigger than DE/DT

3.  I expected more help on front 4 D-line

NOT surprise at trade down --I did expect it to be further down not just 2 slots

I did expect more than 1 LB but with 1 in a late rnd

I did expect a safety but in a later rnd


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