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One player hugged Roger Goodell for an uncomfortable amount of time


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Kevin Kaduk
Apr 29, 2016, 2:42 PM



It's become tradition for recently-drafted NFL players to embrace Roger Goodell while celebrating their new fortune. Whether or not they know (or care) that the commissioner will soon become their adversary is unclear; what matters is that their NFL dreams have come true so everyone looks like a friend.

Of course, not every player hugs the same way. Some opt for a handshake that turns into a simple chest bump, others go for a rocking hug that looks like the awkward end of a middle-school dance.

Then there was Florida safety Keanu Neal, who was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night. While some might say it looks like he was waltzing with Goodell, I think it looks an awful lot like he's stopped the commissioner and is waiting for officials to deem forward progress has been halted.

Seriously, watch again as Goodell finally starts to worry about being deflated — insert Tom Brady joke! — and taps out after about 15 seconds of hugging.  

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(NFL Network)

Nineteen players crossed the Auditorium Theater stage in Chicago on Thursday night and all offered Goodell a hug. Neal's embrace was the longest since Deadspin started tracking the celebrations in 2012

On the other side of the spectrum, we clocked North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz hugging Goodell for just 0.78 seconds in our unscientific study.

All in all, Goodell spent 79.18 seconds hugging players during the first round. That's one moving minute.




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Just now, Gilbert Airfroe said:

I find it funny that we drafted two dudes named after two other dudes and their name origins are listed in their scouting reports as if the names are some sort of "strength."

Keanu Reeves is strength

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