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Key to day 2 and 3

Rush Hour 4

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The key to tonight and tomorrow lays in the hands of Dan Quinn (obviously). But this has nothing to do directly with anyone in round 2,3,4 or 7.

I believe the key to how we draft depends on whether Dan Quinn is under the table talking to Easley. Easley eliminates the need to draft Dt and locks up another position of need for us. Everyone knows Quinn has been talking to him and he also played at florida as well. The question is does Quinn wanna pull the trigger.(if we pick a dt at 2-4 hes probably off the table)

If we pick up Easley I think we are free to choose between lb offensive line or edge rusher. If we pick up 2 more good players on defense in the draft and Easley after the draft...  :munch:

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