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So, Is the risk worth picking Myles Jack in Round 2 ??

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Somebody's gonna pick this guy tonight. Jack will either be a constant chronic medical nightmare or an All Pro NFL player............or more probably somewhere in between.

Microfracture Surgery. I haven't a clue what this means but it seems to be scaring teams away like the plague. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microfracture_surgery

Do you think Quinn & TD will think about picking him ??

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He's a late round 2, early 3 at best. People want full time starters in the second. Many of those that are injured but predicted to be 1st round before the injury end up going in the 3rd or there abouts. 


And it's more than that. He may need surgery but even if he didn't he's got evidence of a degenerative condition that's releasing other cartilage as well. Very bad. He might play 3-4 years at most. 

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I don't think we take a chance with the talent likely to be there in the 2nd. 

I think you could take Cravens, play him at LB, and have a similar player without the risk. 

Not saying he will be as good as a 100% Jack because Jack and Smith are top 5 in this draft, if not top 2 to me, if 100%, but the risk isn't worth it in Rd 2.

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3 minutes ago, HaRdH3ad said:

my gut wants me to take a chance on this dude so bad. it just sucks because him and jaylon are on another planet compared to all the others lbs. its not even close. 

then jack is going to have a huge chip on his shoulder

idk what to do

Yeah, IF Jack can return to the physical level with the knee.........then MENTALLY he WILL have a chip on his shoulder and do everything a human can to prove how really good he can be.

It would be an amazing story to see the Falcons get him and have him succeed...........REALLY succeed. This franchise could use this kind of POP.

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Draft Buzz: Who wants Myles Jack in Round 2?

When Myles Jack admitted he could possibly have microfracture surgery in the future, an early slide in the NFL draft was anticipated. What wasn't expected, however, was the star UCLA linebacker falling completely out of the first round.

Now we have a better idea as to why he has had to wait until Friday night to hear his name called.

There is concern about how the bone and cartilage in Jack's right knee are starting to separate and could possibly lead to another surgery, several people who have seen his medical report told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

While teams ultimately decided selecting Jack was too risky in the first round, there is one possible suitor for him early in the second round.

Rapoport reported the Jacksonville Jaguars could wind up taking the linebacker with the No. 38 pick, if they ultimately think he's worth the gamble and can play through his first contract.

Who would have imagined just a few weeks ago that a team could have the potential to land Jalen Ramsey and Jack in the same draft class?


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I think the only people that know are the people who have seen the medical reports. It has to be worse than 'he may require microfracture surgery down the line' though. Microfracture in itself isn't that big of a deal it's more the conditions that microfracture is used to try and reverse, often unsuccessfully. 

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46 minutes ago, iDash said:

A good team will take a chance on him, we arent that good to risk it!

No Offense meant to you but, I've seen many people say this and it doesn't make a bunch of sense. Good teams already have good LBs. If they need one then they don't take a guy who might not play because that one guy could be the linchpin that gets them to the playoffs or not. 

I believe both Smith and Jack will go to bad teams who are building because those will be the teams willing to roll the dice. 

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