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What 2 positions do you see us rejuvinating tonight?

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After TD said we were considering OL in round 1, I would be shocked if LB and OL were not the positions added in rounds 2 and 3.

2nd round OL

- Cody Whitehair

2nd Rohnd LB

- Deion Jones - my top pick. His 4.3 speed and e cellent first step would be a sign from God to be our WLB. He and Neal would transform this defense into a top 10 until, in addition to the additions of Shelby, Upshaw, and Weatherspoon.

- Sua Cravens (hopefully we see him as an OLB. Would be a deadly combo of him and Neal added to the defense)

- Joshua Perry

- Reggie Ragland - I'd love this, even giving up a 3rd, 4th. Or 5th next year to secure him.

- Myles Jack (I think he will be there, and sadly, we pass again)

3rd round LB

- jatavis brown - #1 player on my board outside of ragland and Jack right now. He would be perfect I. This scheme. I'd take him in the 2nd. Maybe we could pick up a 4th or 5th and drop back from 50 and take him. He and Neal alone would make me otherworldly happy if they were even the only 2 players taken on defense. 

3rd round OL

- Connor McGovern

- Joe thuney

- Joe Dahl

I understand there are more LB and OL that will be available, just wanted to list the guys I like. 


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Some combo of OL/LB/DL as the 2nd and 3rd rounder make the most sense to me, with the caveat that a true talent at another position that falls into ATL's lap (Hunter Henry at TE is one example) changes the calculation.

I'm interested to see whether AB's stated expectation of 3 starters next year means Jack and Smith aren't on the board until after pick 3. 

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I don't care about med evals, I want Smith and Jack. If Jack falls to us in the 2nd and Smith in the 4th, I'd grab them without hesitation. I don't care if they are out if the NFL in 5 years.

In 5 years Matt Ryan will be close to retiring and our window would be closed anyways. Both players are potentially top 5 and I wouldn't pass on them due to a hypothetical situation. Yeah, Jacks cartilage may separate completely. It also may not.

Smith can't play this year. That's fine, nor can any of our other 4th round picks. Jack might not make it 5 years. Nor do any of our other picks. Except this time, we know they can play. We wouldn't waste a 2nd and 4th being completely healthy but not making any impact ex. Hageman, Hardy, Collins, Konz, Southward, and every other 2-4th round pick I can't remember. (Some of those guys are still young too)

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Hopefully, LB/DL/S/FS

2nd round-

LB Jack, Ragland,

DL-Jones, Reed, Ogbah,

FAV FS-Vonn Bell(Ga Boy)

Meyer on Bell: "I've been lucky to have been around a lot of good safeties and he's as good as I've ever had."

Since, we cant get to the Qb, go for the best Secondary!


3nd round OL/FS/RB

- - Joe Dahl -(tranfered from Montana), +visit=90% Lock

Montana bumps him up a little, hopefully, not to the 2nd round,TD's lil scout up there!

--Justin Simmons FS-Zero broke tackles, 4 missed all year

Darkhouse- Rb Kenyan Drake-Lil Shanny is going to want a bone.



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2 minutes ago, Old Pappy falcon said:

I know it's a gamble right now, but seriously would love to get J.Smith late if possible.

I think he will last until the 4th. If teams are frightened by Jack's injury then Smith's injury must look like the apocalypse.

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I think it will be a DT for sure and hopefully a DE also.  My wish is Ogbah 2nd rd pick and Hargrave 3rd rd DT.  I like Bullard also but he will go in the 2nd round.. Him or Ogbah , I'll trust either one that TD takes. But teams will be sorry if they don't get Ogbah when they pass on the chance. 

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