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Comments from a Gator/Bucs fan

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A friend of mine is a Gator season ticket holder and also (unfortunately) a Bucs fan.  Here is the conversation I just had with him about Keanu Neal:

Me:   Hey Mr Gator.. what are your thoughts on Keanu Neal.  He was high on my "want" list for the Falcons in the Draft.. but I think pick 17 in the 1st round is probably a bit high for him.
Kevin:  I don't like him playing for the Falcons ;)  He has a knack for making things happen...and can really lay on some hits.  Should make a **** good NFL safety
Me:  How is he in coverage? I hear everyone talking about him being an enforcer type in run support and hitting.. but see some people knock his coverage ability while others call him instinctual and good.
Kevin:  He's certainly an enforcer...but he should be pretty good on the coverage as well, but certainly the run would be the strength. He had 4 INT's in college which is more than Jalen Ramsey, which was the first CB drafted
Me:  Nice. Like I said, he was one of my top "want" players from this draft.. but I'm only going on draft profiles and highlight videos.. so is nice to hear from someone who has seen the guy game in and game out.

Me: The fact that you are a Gator and Bucs fan.. and don't like him playing for the Falcons says a lot too. LOL
Kevin: At least the Bucs got VH3..which is what I wanted
Me:  Yea.. I think he is going to be very good.
Kevin:  Of course at the end of the day...Bucs can lose 16 games and I won't lose 1 minute of sleep.....its when the Gators lose and insomnia sets in smile emoticon
Me:  LOL Understood.. why do you think I asked you of all people about Neal.


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As a Gator fan who's seen every snap of his college career, watch some highlights of him and watch for 2 things:  

1) Once the ball is thrown and caught, watch how quick he gets to the receiver.

2) Watch how aware he is around the ball.  You'll see he knows where the ball is at all times.

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