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If we follow this up with......


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11 minutes ago, raysnill1 said:

Ogbah would be nice.

Ogbah and Hargrove are the 2nd and 3rd picks in my only Mock this year. I'd love it too of course .... Only problem is I had Ogbah with a trade down so he may be gone by the middle of the 2nd If he is , I hope we go with Bullard.  DE/DT in the 2nd and hope that Hargrove is still around in the 3rd which I doubt .. But my dream draft would be to get Ogbah and either Bullard or Hargrove.  I don't think Bullard last till our 3rd pick , not at all. But hope Hargrove is still on the board at least.. 

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3 minutes ago, Draftnut57 said:

To me, that's way to high for Jenkins.. I'd much much rather have Hargrove over Jenkins  And Bullard also. 

I like Hargrove I think Jenkins has star potential. I think he goes in the second similar to the way Markus Golden went in the second last year. Don't see Bullard as a fit think Shelby does the same thing

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