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My one and only Mock...with explantions


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Dont let the low post count fool you...I've been around here awhile.  Had to start fresh because I forgot my password.  So, well all want draft picks thats going to help our team get better.  No pick is perfect...Ragland  can't cover, Lee can't tackle, Floyd isn't strong enough, Ogbah is inconsistent, Lawson is just a guy, Dodd doesn't have experience.....everyone has flaws.  So I'm going to draft based upon what our problems were last year and what i think needs immediate attention.  Warning....defense heavy.

1,  Leonard Floyd OLB 6'6" 244lbs Georgia- This is who I'm hoping for.  He bring the ability to get after the QB and also bring ability to cover some too.  Our 2 biggest issues on D were both of those.  If hes not available the Darron Lee is the pick.  I'm not in love with Lee because of his lack of aggressiveness but we need LB who can cover RB and TE.

2. Joshua Perry MLB 6'4" 254 lbs Ohio St.-  I know this is a reach and alot of you want a Safety in one of the first 2 rounds...but i think the biggest position of weakness on the team is LB.  Perry give us the intimidating force we need in the middle.  He was the leader on the Buckeyes defense and will eventually turn into that on our Falcons.  This is a position of need...so we reach for a guy that wont be there when we pick in the third and that i feel is better than guys ranked ahead of him.

3.  Miles Killebrew 6'2" SS 217 lbs Southern Utah-  I personally like Miles here...but you could put Cash or Darian Thompson here.  Miles is a great tackler with good speed.  Lined up the secondary at Southern Utah so he has good football IQ.  He's a great all around Football player at a postition of need.

4.  Tyler Higbee TE 6'6" 249lbs Western Kentucky-  I honestly didn't know where to go here.  I wanted a DE but didn't really see any worth taking that didn't sound similar to Derrick Shelby...so I went for another position of need.  Higbee has good size and great hands.  Moving the ball wasn't the issue on offense.  Fumbles were...should be taken care of with Mack snapping the ball.....INTs were...should help with better protection this year....Redzone offense was...this is where having a guy like Higbee will help.

7.  Honestly...I would love to take a flyer on a guy like Shawn Oakman or Trevone Boykin.  We could go kicker here...most anybody we go with we can get someone of equal value as a UDFA.


So...with this i feel like we get out LB that can cover and rush, we get our MLB to help the against the and disrupt passing lanes, we get our Kam Chancellor SS and Red Zone/Move the chains threat.  Let me know what you think.

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1 hour ago, mumblesjr,jr said:

And Why would you take highbee? Dudes going to jail for murder

Is he really...where have i been???  Might have possible maybe gotten banned.....naw i'm jus playin.  Ive stayed logged in for years on my laptop and when it went belly up i couldn't remeber any of my information.

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