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If 'Matt Miller is Correct' Mock

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By now, we have all read what Matt Miller said regarding Darron Lee and the 17th pick.

For those unaware, Matt Miller said his 'sources' are saying that we will trade back, if Darron Lee is not there at 17.

So, I would like to throw out a mock based on his report:

1) Darron Lee WLB OSU - I'm not sure exactly what role DQ has Lee playing in this scheme, because Lee is very versatile. Lee can step in Day 1, and be the sideline-to-sideline WLB that this team has been lacking for a long time. While many believe his best LB position is at WLB, Lee also has the measurables and skillet that are similar to Seattle MLB Bobby Wagner, so MLB could be an option. He also has the ability to play the SS/LB hybrid role, similar to how Seattle uses Kam Chancellor, or how the Cardianls utilize the versatile Deone Bucannon. For the sake of this mock, we will assume Lee will play his more natural position, WLB. Lee gives us another speedball at LB, to pair with SLB Vic Beasley. On paper, the bookend LB combination of Beasley and Lee, would be a deadly combination, and would hopefully help our defense immensely when it comes to covering the middle of the field. An overlooked park of Lee's game, is his pass rushing ability. While he wins usually based solely on speed, he bursts of the line, and bends the edge quite well for his size. That speed and athleticism helped Lee rack up 12 sacks over the last 2 seasons. I was against Lee a week ago, but I can't deny my excitement when I imagine how DQ could use a prospect like Lee in this defense.

2) Hunter Henry TE Arkansas - Getting a prospect like Henry in the 2nd is a true steal. Any other year, he would be a consensus late 1st round pick. Due to the depth on the defensive side of the ball, there will be some upper echelon offensive playmakers that will slip farther than we would normally see. Henry reminds me a lot of Tyler Eifert and Rob Gronkowski when they were coming into the league. Adding a big target like Henry would not only improve our passing game, but would do wonders to our red zone offense, something we struggled in greatly last season. 

3) Jatavis Brown SS Akron - This is the #1 player on my 3rd and 4th round board. I see a lot of traits and skills that lead me to see Brown as a poor man's Khalil Mack. While that may be saying a lot, you will understand it after watching Brown's game tape. Going into 2015, he was a sure tackler who excelled greatly in coverage. In 2015, he added a pass rush dimension to his game, after racking up double digit sacks. At the regional combine, Brown ran a 40 in the 4.4 range. At 5'11", Brown's size has some scouts and talent evaluators concerned, but that's about the only thing outside of competition level that is keeping Brown from being a 2nd, or even 1st, round pick. He has all the tools, mentally and physically, to be the SS/LB hybrid that we are looking for to add a new wrinkle or two to this defensive unit. Brown has star potential.

4) Joe Thuney RG North Carolina State - While Chester was re-signed as the, likely, starter for the 2015, it would be wise to get the RG of the future this draft, so he can have a year of grooming, and add on some core strength, instead of being a mid-round RG thrown into the fire as a rookie. Thuney is an ideal ZBS OG, and has the versatility along the OL that this regime covets. Thuney also brings great size and athleticism to a unit that is on the rise.

7) Best CB available - With the uncertainty of Akeem King and, more importantly, Jalen Collins, it would be smart to add another lengthy corner to compete and push last years batch of rookies. A CB in the Seattle mold would be ideal here. One that could play either of the Safety positions would benefit us as well.

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