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David Gilmour - From Pink to Purple - Back to Pink - Tribute to Prince


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3 hours ago, JayOzOne said:

Man, I literally teared up (again) watching that. Mad propers shown by Gilmour with that.


I agree, and you're welcome.  I rarely post stuff like this on a football MB....just felt this was really worth it...

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9 hours ago, McMVP said:

Haven't been here in a while...and this is completely non-football related.  I just wanted to share a tribute from one of the best guitarists ever to another.  Mods can feel free to move this.  Just wanted to share.  RIP Prince



Uh... He played every Instrument so you can include, Percussion, Windwinds and Brass player as well as Pianist..


Oh, and... Master song writer... yes, oh yeah he was a bad boy..

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